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Have you and your family been feeling cramped inside of your home? As your family grows, it can become increasingly more difficult for you to find a place for all of your things, let alone space for everyone to get some private time. However, sometimes buying a new, bigger house is not always in the cards. Luckily, you can win a house without spending a dime by entering a contest to get a free home from Publishers Clearing House!

Publishers Clearing House understands that sometimes the house you want and the one you can afford are not always the same. Just because you don't have the cash to make your dream home a reality doesn't mean you can't have it. So if you're fed up and waiting, wondering how to win a dream home, don't get discouraged. All you have to do is enter and you could be on your way to changing your life forever with PCH's Dream Home Giveaway.

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What would you do?

If you won a house, the first thing you would have to do is figure out how you would decorate it! If you love to entertain, you could focus on the kitchen and dining room and create the perfect space for cooking large meals and hosting dinner parties. Or maybe you could finally build that patio you've always wanted to host amazing weekend barbeques and parties for the whole neighborhood. There's nothing worse than running around trying to find places for your guests to sit or even a comfortable area for them to stand.

Finding out how to win a dream home would only be fun if you had friends and family to share it with. Therefore, with a prize like this, you'd never again have to worry about whether you have the space to invite all the people you want because there would always be room for everyone.

Are your kids always complaining about not having a space of their own? As kids get older it becomes harder for them to share rooms, especially if you have a mix of boys and girls. Teens need their own rooms to show off their personalities and get some time to themselves, not only to hang out but also to focus on their homework. If you won this Dream Home Giveaway, you'd get a free home that's big enough to make sure that everyone in your family has the space they need to feel comfortable.

Sometimes, there's nothing harder than getting your older kids to stay home and spend a little time with the family. If you won this Dream Home Giveaway, you could build the perfect entertainment center with a flat screen TV and a surround sound system. Imagine, getting your kids to ditch their friends for a family movie night would be easier than ever!

Are you always hosting yard sales to get rid of excess items in your home - some of which you maybe wished you could keep if only you had extra room? If you were to enter the Dream Home Giveaway and win, you'd win a house that could hold all your possessions and never have to give things up just because you don't have the space for them.

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How can you win?

The best part about this contest to get a free home is that entering couldn't be easier! Think about it - just a few clicks of your mouse could be the difference between worrying about how to live in the cramped home you have now and how to get a free house inspected and ready for your arrival. So remember, if you're interested in how to win a dream home, don't miss out on this great opportunity.

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